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We’ve collected the questions asked most often about the Motivation Code assessment, identifying a person’s unique MCode, and the role motivation plays in work and life. And yes, we’ve also thrown in a few questions we think you should be asking when choosing a personality assessment tool.

Check out our FAQs below and if you don’t find an answer to your question, reach out. We’re happy to help.

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Purchase a single MCode assessment license for $89 or get unlimited assessments with an MCode subscription for $99/month. Upon purchase, you’ll be directed to your own personal dashboard with everything you need to get started.

If you purchase a single assessment, you’ll find instructions that walk you through the assessment process step-by-step. If you purchase an unlimited assessment subscription, you’ll also find your unique assessment link generator and links to all completed MCode assessment reports.

Completing the MCode assessment takes about 30 minutes. The hardest part is figuring out which success stories you want to share!

Think back to your highest points, proudest accomplishments, greatest achievements, biggest successes, and happiest moments — times in your life when you loved what you were doing and were fully engaged, deeply satisfied, giving it your all, and showing up as your best self.

The stories you use can be from your work, hobbies and activities, school, childhood, play, volunteerism, passion projects, or any other parts of your life. If you can’t decide which stories to share, try picking stories from different aspects of your life or think about which experiences you’d most want to relive again.

If you’ve completed the assessment, your personalized MCode report can be found by logging into the site using the credentials we sent you by email when you signed up and visiting your personal Dashboard. If you’ve not completed the assessment, you can pick up where you left off, finish answering the questions, and get your personalized report as soon as you’re done. If you have trouble accessing your report, please contact our support team.

Yes! When you sign up for an MCode assessment subscription, you can share the assessment with every member of your team and as your team members complete the assessment, you’ll be able to access their results and unique MCode report in your personal Dashboard.

Interested in taking it a step further and learning the motivational makeup of your team and how the unique motivations of each team member play together in your organization? Reach out to learn about our new team-specific product that’s currently in Beta.

Yes! If understanding what motivates leads to act and how prospective clients make buying decisions will help you close more sales, share the assessment as part of your sales process. If discovering the motivational dimensions that drive your coaching clients to go all-in, commit to a goal, and stick with it will help you tailor your services to better fit your clients and enhance the value of your coaching or services, share it with clients during your onboarding process.

Most personality assessments lead with labels they chose and every question you’re asked is used to stick you in a predefined box that aligns with what they think is important. 

You’ve likely taken several of these personality assessments and when answering questions, thought to yourself, “It depends,” and that’s the problem. If you’d answer a question differently based on the day or how you’re feeling at the time, you can’t be sure the results are accurate and truly reflective of who you are. This is why most of the results are only sort of accurate and sort of relevant, and, why when it comes to actually applying those results in a meaningful way, even more fall short.

MCode flips the script and keeps the focus solely on you, your stories of success and achievement, and how you felt about those life experiences. It’s the only narrative-based personality assessment that uses your own personal stories, which makes every question asked and the results directly relevant to your work and life.

Another big difference is the focus of the assessment itself. Other personality assessments focus only on your strengths and weaknesses, the MCode assessment focuses on your motivations — the why that powers your actions, preferences, and decisions. 

By uncovering what drives you, we learn about who you are, what makes you unique, how you contribute value to those around you, what inspires you to do your best work, and how you interact with people whose motivations differ from your own. Your unique MCode also highlights what you’re great at and not so great at and the types of environments where you’ll either struggle or thrive.

We’re not saying your strengths and weaknesses don’t matter but that when it’s the only lens for identifying your personality, a key ingredient is missing. 

The truth is that you can be using a core strength and doing the thing you’re best at or something you love and still not feel fulfilled by or satisfied with the experience. Only when you uncover your motivations or your MCode will you understand why sometimes you go all-in and immerse yourself in a task or activity and other times you struggle to engage, stick with, or even finish the same task.

Yes! When you use your unique referral link to share MCode with your coaching clients or coaching leads, it connects them to you in our system. They get a copy of their results and you automatically do too.