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Stop treating the symptoms.
Drive engagement from the core.

We hear it all the time.

“People only do what I tell them and no more.”

“I just don’t know how to motivate millenials.”

“Why won’t they receive my feedback?”

“I don’t know how to lead all of these different personalities… they all want something different.”

There is no single solution to motivating your team members. The key is to understand what drives each person uniquely. We call this their Motivation Code™ profile.

Based on over 50 years of research, we’ve built the first-ever organizational platform to discover, track, and activate each team member’s motivation.

Leading Each Team Member Uniquely Pays Dividends

Research of 20,000 workers around the world, analyzing 50 major companies, combined with experiments, and the large body of academic research leads us to the conclusion that…
Why we work determines how well we work. 
Motivation Code™ insights connect people to purpose, and when you do that, engagement, productivity and profitability will soar. We aren’t guessing about this:

Profitability and People Performance Results: "We've seen a 45% increase in overall revenue in the last two years. We've also seen growth in less tangible areas, like the unity within the team, communication effectiveness, and leadership growth in our people. I've become much more confident in myself and my ability to lead. I now have the tools to lead people and impact them in a positive way." Brad, Arkansas

Help Sales People Work Smarter Not Harder: Intrinsically motivated salespeople need fewer manager interactions; and in fact frequent interactions increased working hard but decreased working smart.

Our Flow State Research Results: PhD Research utilizing MCODE shows that understanding your motivation code accelerates and enhances your flow state.

Program Results: Our Positive Manager program increased manager performance by 30.2% and reduced employee turnover by 30%.

What happens when you implement MCODE™ inside your organization:

Simplify People Decisions

You won’t just know about your people, you will know your people. You’ll lead them better and have precise data on how to engage them, where to place them on the team, and how to help them bring their best.

Accelerate Team Synergy

Our team of experts has data-mined 50 Years of achievement stories, the largest repository in existence, to reveal the precursor to productivity and the solution to engagement. We have built our MCODE™ tools on the foundation of world class science.

Gain Evidence-Based People Insights

You’ve probably heard about the “form, norm, storm, perform” sequence of team development. We accelerate the “form” stage by increasing emotional intelligence so you can make quicker, better decisions, enhance collaboration, and enhance engagement.

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We can scale MCODE™ implementation within a single team or across an entire organization. Download our Coaching and Workshops Offerings PDF to discover how we can help your group. Or, contact us to learn more.

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