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Understanding what drives you helps you make better decisions that create a better future. Understanding what moves clients enables you to customize the client experience and maximize value. Understanding what motivates team members empowers you to be a better and more effective leader.

Gain that understanding with the story-based MCode Assessment.

Take the MCode assessment yourself to discover your unique MCode and experience this transformative and powerful story-based assessment first-hand. Trust us. When you have your report in hand, you’ll want your clients, employees, teams, friends, and yes, even your family to discover their MCodes too!

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MCode helps individuals better understand themselves, coaches better understand clients, and organizations better understand employees and teams to facilitate peak performance, drive meaningful engagement, and achieve deep satisfaction.

Personal assessment

$89 One Time

Take the MCode Assessment to better understand yourself and learn what drives you.

Receive a personalized report that reveals your MCode and how to apply it.

Discover your unique motivational profile and dimensions of motivation.

Get detailed descriptions of your top motivations and how they show up in your everyday life.

Learn how your motivations work together to create your unique motivational flow.

See predictions and suggestions for how your motivations work in tandem with your type of work.

See predictions for working with people whose top motivations are different than yours.

Learn what makes you YOU and understand your unique value.

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Unlimited assessments

$99 Per Month

Use the MCode Assessment to better understand your clients, employees, and teams.

Share the MCode assessment with members of your team or organization to better understand what makes them tick and what makes them stay.

Use the MCode insights to individualize your management approach and inspire and motivate employees more effectively.

Invite clients to complete the MCode assessment so you can tailor your sales pitch and get more yeses or align your work with their motivations and see better results.

Access assessment results and personalized reports through your personal dashboard.

Receive resources to help you learn how to understand and interpret the MCode results and use the report to engage clients, employees, or team members.

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MCode for teams

Interested in taking your team or organization through the MCode Assessment and learning the motivational makeup of your team and how the unique motivations of each team member play together in your organization? Reach out to learn about our new team-specific product that’s currently in Beta.

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