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The MCode personality assessment unlocks the keys to improved self-awareness, deeper engagement, increased productivity, and more effective leadership.

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The MCode Assessment

The only narrative-based assessment powered by stories and backed by science

Every person, including you, has unique success stories that shape their identity. MCode pairs those stories of achievement with more than half a century of behavioral data and scientific research to provide the game-changing, motivation-driven insights needed to connect people to their purpose and ignite passion.

Who Is MCode For?
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Experience Deep Satisfaction in work, play, and life

MCode empowers individuals to unleash peak performance, collaborate well with others, and step into greatness. Understanding your MCode means understanding how you can be your best, most brilliant, self each and every day.

You at your best

When you’re motivated to go all-in and use your strengths for something you care about, you show up at your best and wow those around you.

Work at its best

When you’re fully engaged with work that aligns with what lights you up and drives you, you do your best work and find fulfillment in that work.

Play at its best

When you contribute to social groups in rewarding ways and your play is meaningful, you feel a greater sense of belonging and happiness.

Life at its best

When you fully embrace what makes you unique and are appreciated for who you are, you wake up looking forward to the day ahead every day.

MCode is more than a personality assessment

Personality assessments are helpful tools but the truth is, a person can be using their strengths in a role that matches their personality and still feel uninspired, unfulfilled, and unsatisfied.

What’s missing is motivation — understanding why someone has those strengths and what drives them to engage, do their best, persist no matter what, and achieve success — and that’s what makes the MCode assessment so valuable.

MCode identifies an individual’s unique Motivation Code, which explains not only who they are and what their strengths are, but what motivates them, why it matters, and how those motivations affect their decisions and actions.

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Discover what drives action and engagement

MCode reveals an individual’s core purpose and what motivates them to act and get involved.

Learn what makes someone tick and what they care about

MCode explains why an individual gets immersed in some activities but fails to engage in others.

Understand what makes someone come alive

MCode highlights an individual’s unique insatiable motivational drive they seek to fulfill in work and life.

Story + Science = Relevant, actionable results

Unlike other personality assessments, MCode is all about you and your own lived experiences. It starts with your stories of achievement and success, asks questions about your experiences and how you felt and still feel about them, and uses 60 years of validated scientific methodology and insights from more than one million stories to reveal your Motivation Code or MCode.

Take the MCode assessment

During this simple 30-minute assessment, you’ll follow prompts to share the details of a few of your most meaningful achievement stories. Then, you’ll answer questions about your experiences.

Get personalized results

Your custom MCode report is personalized just for you so every detail is relevant and immediately actionable. You’ll experience aha moments and gain oh-that’s-why clarity as you uncover what drives you and what fuels your decisions, actions, and feelings.

Apply your MCode findings

We give you everything you need to apply your MCode in every area of your life so you can embrace your uniqueness, own your value, and experience a rich, rewarding, deeply satisfying life.

Learn How The Assessment Works

MCode creates meaningful and lasting change because it addresses the why behind decisions, actions, and feelings

When you truly see yourself and are truly seen by others, you can show up as you are, give it your best, and shine your brightest — and that’s good for everyone. Whether you’re interested in the MCode assessment to help yourself, help your team, or help others, we’re here to help you.

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Take the MCode assessment and set yourself up for greater joy and unparalleled success

You’ll learn about your personality, talents, and strengths, and gain deeper insight into your true self so you can overcome obstacles and achieve breakthroughs. You’ll also discover what makes you who you are, what motivates what you do, where you find joy and frustration, and what you find easy and challenging — all so you can live life at its best.

Share the MCode assessment and help others unleash their potential and shine bright

When your clients, employees, and teams take the MCode Assessment, you can help them thrive at work, in their relationships, and in every other area of their lives. MCode helps leaders tailor communications by tailoring their language to fit each individual person and what they need to be inspired, get engaged, improve productivity, and experience success.

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