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The Motivation Code™ assessment is unlike any other you've taken. We combine the power of over 50 years of scientific research with your story to help you discover what truly drives you.
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The Motivation Code™ assessment reveals what truly drives you.

Discover Your Top Motivations

Learn which of the twenty-seven motivational themes drive deep engagement, satisfaction, and fulfillment in life and work. See your full ranking of motivational themes, and how they impact you.

Engage in exercises that help you apply The Motivation Code™ themes daily

Do a deep dive into your top motivational drivers, craft a motivation statement, and learn how your newfound knowledge on a daily basis.

Discover the "Shadow Side"

Spot and dismantle the unproductive side of your motivations before it negatively impacts your life and work. With the full MCODE™ assessment you’ll be equipped to bring the best aspects of your motivation to your work each day while mitigating the effects of the shadow side.

Take The Motivation Code™ Assessment

With our MCODE™ Personal Assessment, you will be equipped to discover and apply the power of your MCODE™ profile in your life and work. 

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MCODE™ Personal Assessment - $49

All 27 motivational themes ranked individually and by family

You will receive detailed descriptions of your top motivational themes, a full ranking of all motivational themes, and descriptions of the “shadow side” attributes of your top motivations.

Four exercises that will enable you to:

Understand and own your top motivations

Create your motivation statement

Reveal your motivational energy

Identify the shadow side of your motivation

Access to a Video Library which contains:

Understanding the Power of Your Stories

Applying your MCODE™ profile during The Motivation Code™ process: A walk through each of the 4 assessment exercises

Understanding the Science of Motivation: What happens when you know your MCODE™ themes

MCODE™ Motivation Video Library: 27 videos that explain each of the individual themes

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