We start with your story,
not our agenda.

MCODE™ is not just another assessment. We combine the power of over 50 years of scientific research with your story to help you discover what truly drives you.





There are two MCODE™ OPTIONS

With our Personal Package, you will be equipped to discover and apply your Motivation Code™ in your life and work. With our Coaching Package,  one of our certified  MCODE™ Practitioners will engage you in an Impact Session to help you unleash the power of your Motivation Code™.

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MCODE™ Personal Package - $49

All 27 motivational themes ranked individually and by family

You will receive detailed descriptions of your top motivational themes, a full ranking of all motivational themes, and descriptions of the “shadow side” attributes of your top motivations.

Four exercises that will enable you to:

Understand and own your top motivations

Create your motivation statement

Reveal your motivational energy

Identify the shadow side of your motivation

Access to a Video Library which contains:

Understanding the Power of Your Stories

Applying your MCODE™: A walk through each of the 4 assessment exercises

Understanding the Science of Motivation: What happens when you know your MCODE™

MCODE™ Motivation Video Library: 27 videos that explain each of the individual themes

$49.00Add to cart

MCODE™ Coaching Package - $249

Unlock your motivation code with an MCODE™ certified practitioner

Let one of our coaches lead you on a deep dive into each of your top motivations and how they impact your life and work. You’ll also develop an action plan to help you apply your knowledge of MCODE™ in your daily life.

The Coaching Package Includes:

Everything from the Personal Package

PLUS a one-to-one, 60 minute feedback session with a certified MCODE™ practitioner. You will understand your Motivation Code™ at a much deeper level by discovering what triggers your motivation, how you show up at your best, and what outcomes engage you the most.

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