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The MCode Impact

When an individual is at their best, it elevates everyone around them

You at your best feels incredible. You shine bright, do work you’re proud of, contribute value, and connect with others in engaging and meaningful ways. You’re also a strong leader and great team member. It’s why your most important success stories likely feature you at your best.

We believe everyone deserves to experience the magic of you at your best.

But that’s harder than it might seem. If you’re like most people, you’ve likely wondered…

Why did I make that decision, why did I choose one thing over another, or why did I do that?

Why do I sometimes push forward and persist and sometimes give up?

Why, even when I’m doing something I’m great at, do I sometimes go all-in, give it my best, and lose myself in a task, but other times struggle to focus, find my groove, and stay motivated?

Here’s the good news

Finding the answer to these questions isn’t complicated. It’s your MCode — your unique blend of motivations that make you YOU and drive everything you do.

MCode isn’t a mere personality assessment. It’s a powerful map of who you are backed by world-class science. MCode helps you better understand yourself so you can show up every day as your best self and stand out as a star.

And when used within organizations, with teams, and even with clients, it’s a transformative tool that builds better leaders, engages high-performing employees, inspires your best clients, and supercharges teams.

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MCode for Individuals

As with most personality assessments, when you discover your MCode, you discover your strengths and what makes you great. You’ll also learn why you have those strengths and more importantly, why they matter.

Uncovering your motivations — your unique WHY — is the MCode secret sauce. 

MCode highlights what motivates you. It gives you deeper insight into your true self so you understand why you do what you do, think the way you think, and act the way you act. It also highlights why you find joy or frustration in certain situations, and why you find certain tasks easy and others challenging.

MCode also gives you tools to apply everything you learn because when you design your work and life around what motivates you, what inspires you, what lights you up, and what energizes you, you create a happier, more meaningful, deeply satisfying future.

The MCode assessment is right for you if you want to:

Find your true purpose — the work you are meant to do.

Amplify your unique value and natural talents.

Identify and overcome blindspots.

Unlock your potential and achieve breakthroughs.

Become a valuable and respected team member.

Wake up every day excited about what lies ahead.

MCode for Leaders

Different people are motivated in different ways, which means they also have different leadership and communication needs. For leaders and managers, MCode teaches you how to individualize your communication and management approach to fit each member of your team.

MCode helps you become a more effective leader and drive more impactful outcomes by taking the guesswork out of employee engagement.

MCode tells you exactly what motivates someone and highlights what matters most to them. This understanding provides precise data on how to best lead, engage, and inspire your people to go all in and do their best work. It’s the secret to motivating teams to work harder, work faster, and feel excited about their work, and it’s how leaders keep teams on track, motivated to overcome challenges, and driven to achieve amazing things.

The MCode assessment is perfect for leaders who want to:

Lead with confidence and lift up those around them.

Pair the right people with the right roles so each person’s job is a perfect fit and aligned with what naturally lights them up.

Help people feel more connected to their work, happier with what they’re doing, and deeply satisfied in their roles.

Reduce churn and engage A-players and high-performers in meaningful ways so they stay longer.

Improve productivity and performance while avoiding burnout.

Accelerate team synergy and facilitate cohesion and collaboration.

MCode for Coaches

Great leaders are coaches and great coaches are leaders with a similar mission as MCode: to help clients live their best lives. Whether you’re a business coach, health and wellness coach, life coach, or any other type of coach, you help your clients remove blocks and achieve their goals — and when your brilliant work is paired with MCode, it improves client experiences and increases the stickiness of your work.

MCode empowers coaches to radically amplify their impact and influence and guide clients through lasting transformations that become inspiring success stories.

When you share the MCode assessment with clients, you discover what motivates them to say yes, take action, persevere in tough times, and achieve their goals. With this understanding you can tailor your coaching to clients in a way that perfectly fits who they are and what they need.

Plus, you can coach with confidence knowing you’re supported by proven science and insights mined from over a million achievement stories.

The MCode assessment supports coaches who want to:

Stand out in the sea of sameness and differentiate themselves.

Engage clients on a deeper, more meaningful level.

Empower clients to better understand themselves and their natural gifts, and how to best use them.

Help clients identify what might be holding them back or in their way.

Create valuable, personalized client experiences and lasting change.

The Undeniable Truth

When individuals, leaders, coaches, and teams use MCode, they are happier, more engaged, and deeply fulfilled. With a deep understanding of their value, these are the people who reject mediocrity and strive for greatness. They’re the people who confidently own who they are, shine bright, take deep pride in what they do, and don’t quit.

MCode helps you, your clients, and everyone on your team be one of those people.

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