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Become Motivation Code™ certified and bring the power of motivation to your clients and organization.
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Frustrated with coaching efforts that don’t have lasting impact? Let’s change that.

Once you join our hundreds of  Motivation Code™ Certified Practitioners, you will be equipped to leverage the power of the MCODE™ assessment with your coaching clients or to utilize it within your organization. We provide everything you need to understand the MCODE™ framework, to deliver the assessment to your clients, and to deliver an Impact Session that will  help your clients understand how to activate their top motivations in their work, leadership, and daily life.

MCODE™ Certification enables you to:

Advise with Confidence

You’ll discover how to leverage  MCODE™ science and the power of story to unleash peak performance and elevate engagement.

Coach with Competence

You’ll gain the proper mindset, skillset, and toolkit of an effective MCODE™ coach.

Deliver Lasting Impact

You’ll learn how to conduct a transformational MCODE™ Impact Session that will change lives, starting with yours.

Who is MCODE™ Certification For?


Your team needs you to understand what drives them. As you do, you'll be able to structure the organization for maximum engagement and productivity.


Your clients want to perform at a higher level but feel blocked. Help them leverage their core motivations to achieve breakthrough and full potential.

Career Coaches & Consultants

Career paths that reflect your client's innate drivers bring true fulfillment. Core motivation provides a compass for choosing the right path.

Become MCODE™ certified:

Become a Motivation Code™ Practitioner and take the power of MCODE™ science to your clients or organization.

$99 / Month

For organizational consultants and professionals wanting to charge companies to deliver assessments and impact sessions, and/or deliver The Motivation Code™ assessment and training to external clients.

You’ll receive:

  • Certification to implement MCODE™ training inside of your organization
  • Certification to earn revenue for MCODE™ Coaching and Workshop Delivery
  • World class coaching training from expert scholars, coaches, and consultants
  • Access to sales, marketing, and pricing materials to help you attract clients for your MCODE™ services
  • Team workshop tracks, including slide decks and PDF worksheets to use with clients
  • The ability to utilize the “powered by MCODE™” logo for your coaching and consulting practice
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