Take The Guesswork Out of Employee Engagement

Our scientifically-grounded MCODE Matrix helps you motivate your employees and deliver the organizational outcomes that matter most.
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Stop treating the symptoms.
Drive engagement from the core.

We hear it all the time.

“I don’t know how to motivate millenials.”

“People only do what I tell them and no more.”

“Why won’t they receive my feedback?”

“I don’t know how to lead all of these different personalities… they all want something different.”

There is no single solution to motivating your team. The key is to understand what drives each person uniquely. We call this their Motivation Code, or MCODE.

Based on 50 years of research, we’ve built the first-ever organizational platform to discover, track, and activate each team member’s Motivation Code. The MCODE Matrix shows you exactly how to manage your team for maximum results.

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Employee Motivation Techniques Pays Dividends

There’s no longer any question that the greatest return on investment is the one you make in your people.

Companies with strong cultures outpace the average company in revenue growth by 6 percent, operating margin by 4 percent and total shareholder return by 6 percent (Hewitt, 2014)

People investment practices taken together account for 18% of the variation between companies in change in productivity (Patterson et al. (1997)

Organizations that value and train their people in self-awareness and effectively understanding how to collaborate with others report 16% more positive revenue growth (Wiete, 2013)
how to motivate employees

What happens when you implement
the MCODE Matrix:

Simplify People Decisions:

You won’t just know about your people, you will know your people. You’ll lead them better and have precise data on how to engage them, where to place them on the team, and how to help them bring their best.

Accelerate Team Synergy:

Our team of experts has data-mined 50 Years of achievement stories, the largest repository in existence, to reveal the precursor to productivity and the solution to engagement. We have built the MCODE Matrix on the foundation of world class science.

Evidence-Based People Insights:

You’ve heard about the “form, norm, storm, perform” sequence of team development. We accelerate the “form” stage by increasing emotional intelligence so you can make quicker, better decisions, enhance collaboration, and enhance engagement.

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