Every coaching client has the potential to be your best coaching client

Every coaching client has the potential to be your best coaching client

Motivation turns clients into envy-inducing success stories and passionate coaches into powerful facilitators of game-changing transformation.

The Truth About Clients

You know coaching changes lives but clients can be challenging

Not all clients are great clients yet…

Some coaching clients struggle to engage fully in the process or make excuses and procrastinate. Others can’t seem to get in the right mindset or they start off strong but just can’t stick with it. And some can’t even decide if they’re going to hire you.

Watching this play out is incredibly frustrating. It wastes time and prevents you from getting the testimonials and case studies you need to sell your coaching programs.

But what if you knew the WHY behind their behavior and had the power to address, correct, or even improve it?

Create A Different Reality

You can attract and support ideal coaching clients with greater ease

Imagine having the tools to…

Tailor your sales process to perfectly fit each prospective client so they feel comfortable and confident saying yes.

Individualize your coaching so it aligns with what drives clients and how they derive meaning and satisfaction.

Customize your client experience to ensure your coaching sticks so clients engage fully in the process, achieve their goals, and refer you to everyone they know.

Sound good?

It’s possible when you add motivation to your sales and coaching processes

Knowing how a lead or client is motivated means knowing what makes them tick, what drives them to act, what lights them up, and what spurs them to pursue a goal.

Motivation explains why clients, even when using their strengths, immerse themselves in some activities yet struggle to care about others. And when used in coaching, it enables you to connect with clients on a deeper level and amplify your impact and influence and their results.

Discover MCode for coaches

The narrative-based Motivation Code (MCode) assessment empowers coaches like you to personalize the coaching experience, drive deeply satisfying transformational results, and help clients shine bright as their best, most brilliant selves.


at its best

When you understand a client’s motivations, you can tailor your coaching and communications to inspire them to go all in, stick with it, and do whatever it takes to reach their goals.


at their best

When clients understand what prompts them to act, what process drives them, and what payoff keeps them on track, they stop making excuses and start making progress.


at its best

When the work clients must do aligns with their strengths and motivations, they engage fully, give it their best, and find more meaning and fulfillment in their pursuit of a better future.


at its best

When you help clients achieve their goals and improve their lives, it creates a ripple effect that positively impacts everything from their confidence to their work and relationships.

Integrate MCode in your coaching practice and watch motivation skyrocket results

The MCode assessment and resulting personalized report helps your clients truly see themselves and what makes them uniquely amazing. It highlights their motivational profile and explains how it can be applied to all aspects of their lives so they can enjoy more happiness and fulfillment in their work, relationships, and activities.

When you subscribe to MCode, you get a unique link to share the assessment with your clients. Then, as you invite clients to complete the assessment as part of your sales or coaching processes, you can access copies of their reports right from your MCode account so you can use their results to provide more meaningful and insightful coaching.

MCode is the perfect tool for ambitious coaches who want to:

Stand out in the sea of sameness and differentiate themselves.

Engage clients on a deeper, more meaningful level.

Empower clients to better understand themselves and their natural gifts, and how to best use them.

Help clients identify what might be holding them back or what’s blocking their path to success.

Create valuable, personalized client experiences and lasting change.

Intrigued? Keep reading to learn how it works!

Insights In Just 30 Minutes

Story + Science = Relevant, actionable results

Unlike other personality assessments, MCode is all about your clients and their lived experiences. It starts with their stories of achievement and success, asks questions about their experiences and how they felt and still feel about them, and uses 60+ years of validated scientific methodology and insights from the evaluation of more than one million stories to reveal their Motivation Code or MCode.

Share the MCode assessment with your coaching clients

Using your unique link, you can invite clients and prospective clients alike to complete the MCode assessment.

In about 30 minutes, they’ll follow prompts to share a few meaningful achievement stories, then answer questions about their own experiences on a 1-10 ranking scale.

Access and review their personalized MCode results

Upon completion, your clients will receive a personalized MCode report with relevant and immediately actionable insights and results.

You’ll also get a copy of their reports so you can facilitate more aha moments and help clients better understand what drives their mindset, decisions, actions, and feelings.

Use MCode insights to individualize your coaching

With a client’s MCode results in hand, you have everything you need to coach with confidence and create transformations.

You’ll be able to tailor your approach to fit each client and what they need to be inspired, get engaged, drive forward, and experience success.

Get more referrals, testimonials, and success stories that sell

Whether you’re a business coach, health and wellness coach, life coach, or any other type of coach, you help your clients remove blocks and achieve goals — and when your coaching is paired with MCode, you can improve client experiences and increase the stickiness of your work.

Boost Sales

Invite leads to discover their MCodes

Sharing the MCode assessment as part of your sales process provides immediate value to prospective clients while building your coaching brand and boosting your credibility. It also gives you valuable insights into what motivates a prospective client to take action and say yes. With these insights, you can more easily identify your ideal clients and tailor your sales pitch to highlight how your coaching package or program perfectly fits them.

Enhance Discovery

Help clients embrace who they are

Clients’ reports reveal their MCodes — their top five motivations and eight motivational dimensions ranked from strongest to weakest. The report helps them understand the underlying motivations that drive every decision they make and everything they do. It highlights how they’re unique, the value they contribute, what energizes and drains them, where they excel and struggle, how they interact with others, and what to seek out or watch out for.

Create Results

Facilitate more OMG aha moments

Use clients’ personalized MCode results to identify their motivational flow. Then, incorporate those insights into your coaching to uncover opportunities for growth and development, reveal and remove blocks, motivate forward action, drive high performance, and improve their personal and professional relationships. MCode supports you in getting clients from where they are to where they want to be so they can experience greater satisfaction and live life at its best.

You at your best = Clients at their best

You at your best = Clients at their best

MCode elevates the coaching experience. With MCode in your back pocket, you can show up as the brilliant, amazing, insightful coach you are — and you can coach clients with confidence through impactful transformations to a better, brighter future.

When clients truly see themselves, understand who they are, and know how to bring their best to the table in every situation, the dynamics of their work and lives change dramatically. Knowing their MCodes empowers clients to embrace who they are, unleash their full potential, claim their unique value, and step into the greatness they are meant for.

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