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      Hi Amy!  Nice to meet you here!  I think you and I are the first two folks to arrive at this part of the new platform.  I have my first Impact session tomorrow with one of the three people I’m working with as part of the certification process.  I have my work cut out for me.  It’s reality time tomorrow!!!


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      Welcome Amy; we are going to be so much better because you are with us. Grateful.

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      Megan, thank you for the warm welcome — and best of luck to you tomorrow on your first impact session! I look forward to hearing how it goes!


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      So excited, Brian! Thanks for inviting me to table!

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      Good to meet you, Amy! I am only a couple of hours to the SE of you in Fort Payne, Alabama–just to the SW of Chattanooga.

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      Super excited Amy to see you join this community.  Looking forward to reconnecting!

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      Hi Amy!  I believe we’ve met.  🙂  I’ll enjoy learning from you, and especially curious to see how you’ll use this in Military spheres, since I’m just starting work with the WI Army National Guard.  Stand by….


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      Hi! I’m Amy Norton, a consultative coach and speaker living in Nashville, TN. I’m a senior partner in a company called GiANT and am privileged to help high impact leaders and teams across a number of sectors, including military and financial services, unlock awareness and understanding about self and leverage that to lead meaningful lives.

      I believe we all have the capability to make a dent in the universe, and getting to the essential truth who we are is foundational to mapping a course for an impactful life. MBTI and 5 Voices have been mainstays in my coaching and consulting practice and have been essential to my own clarifying process to understand myself and what it feels like on the other side of me. What excites me so much about MCode, thought, is the opportunity to understand the why behind the what. I know I’m a relationally-focused, deeply caring person who gets great joy from helping others. But having had my mind-blowing impact session with Brian, I now know that the reason I jump in and work tirelessly to solve problems, and why I can “see” a better future for people or organizations or our world is because I’m motivated to overcome and make an impact, as well as serve. MCode has filled in a significant gap of self-understanding that is not only clarifying, but motivating and energizing. I feels like the missing piece of my coaching and consulting puzzle!

      I look forwarding to learning and growing with you all!


      Amy Norton

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