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      My primary motivation is Serve, and I have understood that phrase to mean that the requirements of any task will always evolve as the nature of the service to be rendered shifts according to the needs being expressed by my boss or co-workers (or husband or family). My motivation to serve is always about caring the best that I can, so my task requirements/expectations can shift according to their needs.

      That make sense?


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      Hi @Christina,

      And I saw your answer the day you posted it but hadn’t had a chance to get back to you.  Thank you and yes, that makes sense.  That is what I was *thinking* it meant but wasn’t sure.  Since this particular client is a professor and is serving (DEFINITELY SERVING!) in the role of an associate department chair – which would be hard enough anyway, but her department chair is out trying to deal with his cancer and she is one of the only tenured faculty members in this department and she has Serve in her top Motivations, she is definitely finding that the possibilities for her to serve keep evolving…

      Thanks for your help here!


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      Hi Christina & Meggin,

      Great question, Meggin. And, Christina, I agree with your answer.

      Some context: “Serve” used to be called “Meet Needs.” And the old System for Identifying Motivated Abilities (SIMA) term was called “Meet Needs – Fulfill Requirements.”  This motivational theme by itself (without all of the integration with other themes) assumes a stance of ongoing responsiveness – i.e.  what is required here?  What do you need? And the satisfaction emerges when the need is met and the requirement fulfilled.   Generically speaking, those with this motivation usually don’t like blank slate situations or being told to define their own course of action.



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      Hi there!  I have an Impact session with someone this week and she has a question about this sentence in her Serve description and truthfully, I am not sure what it means either:  “The specific requirements of your work, as well as the spoken or implied expectations of your boss and co-workers tend to be ongoing.”

      Can anyone give me some help on understanding this better so I can help her understand it better?




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