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      Welcome Richa, it is a pleasure to have you a part of our practitioner community.

      As someone who served in the US Marine Corps, I respect your service and will be interested to hear more. Great to hear about your skills. I have no doubt that as our community grows that we will see lots of collaboration. Be well!


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      Richa Deo

      Thanks for the wonderful words of encouragement Brian 🙂 Just a correction, I have served in the INDIAN NAVY 🙂

      and a BIG YES to future collaborations 🙂

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      Richa Deo

      Namaste Community, happy to connect with all.

      I am a clarity coach and I use my created “Clarity Code”. To enhance my coaching tools, I was browsing for Motivational tools and it was then that I learned about the Motivation Code.

      It was the night of 08<sup>th</sup> Feb 2021. I immediately requested a zoom call with Rod.

      Due to the time zone difference ( I am from India) it was going to be another 12 hours before I would be talking to Rod so I just went ahead and bought the certification course knowing absolutely nothing of what I am getting into.

      Next 8 hours (as my husband took care of the household chores and the kids :P) I watched & tried to absorb the course contents.


      After speaking to Rob, I was convinced I HAD to combine my own Clarity code with MCODE to help my clients get even better results.


      I am an ex-Indian Navy officer, who has written for television, & is now a Clarity Coach. No wonder “Overcome” is one of my motivators.


      I want to expand my client base from India to Global and I am looking forward to the community for guidance & support.


      I am here for any support that you think I might help you with. I am good with clarity, focus & accountability, Google SEO & Social Media SEO & esp Pinterest SEO (in case anyone wants help in these areas, feel free to reach out).



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