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      Once a member of the general public reads the book and wants to go deeper into their MCODE with a coach, is there a central place/directory where they can locate a certified practitioner?

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      Richa Deo

      Following this thread for more info.

      Julie, I am yet to be certified but I intend to use the MCODE along with my own developed “Clarity Code” in VIRTUAL RETREATs helping others get clarity on what gives meaning to their life.

      SO that’s how I am planning to package it.

      However, I am yet not sure how to “market” my services as MCODE Practitioner.

      Looking for Pruvio team to provide explanation on if there is a central place/directory where clients can locate a certified practitioner.



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      Hello Julie and Richa;

      I just e-mailed each of you individually and attached two images you can utilize for marketing purposes. Please do give us feedback and let us know if you have any requests and we’ll do our best to provide those as I’m certain others will want them.

      As far as how individuals are marketing this, here are some thoughts I hope you find helpful:

      1) Organic: Many practitioners simply bring in the MCODE™ assessment into their current coaching brand. This approach would simply mean that at your client intake you would simply say “As a foundation to our coaching work together, I invite all of my clients to experience the Motivation Code, a powerful tool that will help you to understand why you do what you do and how you show up at your best etc…”  Or perhaps in response to a particular need in the client you believe MCODE™ would address, you would simply say: “I think if you were to unlock your unique motivational pattern, this challenge would take on a whole new perspective. I would like you to consider that etc…”

      2) Formal Identification: Add the MCODE™ Certified Practitioner badge to your website or profile. This will raise visibility and curiosity.

      3) Resource Portal: You can leverage the Coaching Curriculum in the resource portal to provide a great scope and sequence for marketing MCODE™. Here is the direct link:

      The workshop curriculum can be marketed directly as well.

      4) “Coming soon….”: We are hard at work building some great assets that our community can utilize. Marketing materials for you to utilize is a part of this, so stay tuned! We’re only going to be providing more value.




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      Final thought: The “Why MCODE™ coaching?” document in the resource portal can be especially helpful for your current efforts.

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      @Richa and @Julie; regarding the central directory: Our current approach is to certify and train practitioners with the Motivation Code assessment and tools we will continue to develop so that you “pair” MCODE™ within your current coaching work, precisely how you are doing with the clarity code. We will continue to provide trainings and tools to help you market MCODE™ through your work. As we continue to build relationship, we imagine there will be natural referrals and connections made within and through our community.

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      Richa Deo

      B Dub thanks for the resource link : THAT IS GOLD = SUPER HELPFUL!!

      Thanks for the email.



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      Hi @Julie and @Richa,

      I’ve been offering the MCode Assessment and Impact Sessions to all of my coaching clients and am nearly finished with everyone and am planning to roll out that offering soon to others (maybe 1 or 2 a month since they take such a long time).  I am currently working on a webpage about this along with some other marketing materials.  Right now, I am also using the MCode Certified Practitioner logo in my signature for some correspondence.  It would come out of the blue in other correspondence so I’m selective in when I use it.

      I am also planning to have this information on my About page of my website to include what my top motivations are as another way of getting the word out.



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      Greetings!  I would like to highlight my use of MCODE on my coaching website with a logo and branded information approved by/distributed from Pruvio.   Could you advise me on my next steps?  How are others marketing their status as a practitioner?  I’d love to hear from you!

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