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      We are incredibly grateful for you Mark. You are a rich gift to this community.

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      Mark Herringshaw


      I’m Mark Herringshaw. It’s an honor to be running with this amazing team. Such exciting days ahead.

      This community represents a remarkable legacy and an unbounded future. We are among the stewards of one of the most profound treasures in the world of human growth and development: motivation flow. The MCODE assessment gives validated insight into the uniqueness – and I would add, sacred dignity – of every individual. And in our world today, nothing could be more important. Our work is a sacred trust. To help individuals see, value, and step into their personal pathway to fulfillment is truly doing the highest possible good!

      If this sounds a bit frothy, so be it. I mean it with all my heart. And I suppose speaking this way stems from my own motivation flow – Experience the Ideal is “outcome” I pursue.

      Context: My wife Jill and I live in the northern woods of Minnesota on the shores of a beautiful lake. I love to garden, fish, read good books, write clumsy fiction, share my life with dear friends, my faith with those who wish to hear. Jill and I have two daughters, two sons, two daughters in law and a son in law. We have three grandchildren and (as of this writing) another on the way.

      My own most recent “achievement story” is not my own achievement at all, but comes as a result of the valiant faith of my wife, Jill, my family and friends. In 2019, just after a run I had a cardiac arrest and my heart stopped for 20 minutes. Though I was given only 1% chance to survive and a 0% chance that I would ever be “normal” again, God did a miracle in my life. I “returned” and am healthy and back in the battle with a new sense of purpose and a love for the moments I have been given. It’s all to God’s glory, and I suppose I am one of HIS achievement stories, a kind of living proof that HIS motivation flow is simply LOVE itself!

      Background:  I grew up in Santa Cruz, California in the 1960s. That alone probably explains some of my quirkiness. I began my career as a pastor. In an effort to understand more my own leadership (both the successes and failures) I completed a PhD in organizational leadership. That journey opened doors for me I could not have imagined.  I became a senior partner with a global leadership consultancy, and then from there had the opportunity to join the Pruvio team. It’s truly an honor to be standing on the shoulders of “giants” who have gone before us, unlocking the power of unique motivations so people can thrive and exceed performance expectations.

      Motivational Flow: 

      Trigger: Achieve Potential

      Process: Comprehend + Express

      Outcome: Experience the Ideal

      I’m so looking forward to all that lies ahead for this team!

      Mark Herringshaw, PhD

      Director of Content, Pruvio

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