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      Welcome, Christopher. We are so glad you are here.  We are going to be launching a coaching platform that will really help you with managing and coaching based on MCODE. Can’t wait to see what 2021 brings.

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      Hi @Christopher!  Nice to meet you here!  I look forward to seeing you soon in some of the classes.  Although I’m newly certified in MCode, I’m not well-versed like you are since you already have been using MCORE.  I’m an executive coach for academics and non-profit EDs and am having a BLAST with this in supporting them.

      See you soon!



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      Kevin Holmes

      Welcome Christopher! I am just getting started with MCode and will be providing coaching mainly to our employees at work. So I would love to hear more about the fruit you have seen in people, especially as it pertains to work and life decisions. Hopefully we will have a chance to e-meet soon.


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      Thank you, Christopher, for your introduction!


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      Hey all,

      My name is Christopher Wesley and I’m Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry at a local parish in Baltimore, MD. I’m also the founder of Marathon Youth Ministry. My organization offers coaching and cohorts for men and women in ministry positions who are struggling to find the support and resources they need to experience joy in their work. I’ve used MCORE over the last year as a part of our services and have seen some great fruit. I’m really excited about this move to MCODE. I feel once we help people discover the core motivations they are able to make better decisions with their work and personal life.

      The assessment has also helped me. My top three core motivations are Explore, Achieve the Ideal, and Make the Grade. Knowing this has definitely helped me grow my business but also make other positive life decisions. Anyway, I’m looking to chat with others who use this as a managing and coaching tool.

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