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      Hi @Richa,  Do you have a website and/or a list of people who have signed up for your services in the past?  You might make an announcement to that list about your recent certification as one way of letting them know.  I am planning on doing that soon.  Up til now, I haven’t announced it to my big list but have only been letting my current clients know because I wanted to get them all squared away before bringing others into it, too.  But soon…

      as soon as I have my webpage finished, I’ll put it here.




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      Richa Deo

      Dear Community members, I am curious to know how are you expanding / marketing your MCODE Practitioner certification as a coach? I am planning a retreat brining in my Clarity Code + MCODE to help people get clarity on what gives meaning to their life.

      However, I am finding, putting the message out there as the toughest thing to do.

      Looking forward to any advise I can get on how to market my services?



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