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      Hi @Catherine and welcome!!!  This is an amazing assessment.  I’m having lots of fun with the information both for myself and the people I work with 🙂  Have had two Impact Session in the last two days (I don’t usually have two in 2 days!  It’s a lot of preparation!!!)

      I’m in Reno, NV so not too far away from you.



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      Hey all… my name is Catherine and Im a new trainee. I mentor, teach and coach both students in the design field, people looking to enter the design field and people looking to take a step up in their careers from designers to managers. I took this assessment and found so many insights into my own thinking and motivation, I wanted to be able to  utilize this with my students to help them find their motivation and focus as they make these career changes. I am excited to be able to put this forward to my students!

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