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      Jaiye Dania

      Impressive background and process Ben, nice to meet you, I’m in Dallas also ..

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      Hi Ben, I really enjoyed reading how you used MCODE to “help members learn about God’s design for their lives and explore volunteer opportunities that matched their motivational profile.” I love that application! Very powerful.

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      So good to have you here with us, Ben.

      We look forward to learning from and with you.

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      Hi Ben,

      Welcome to the Exchange! Please say “hi” to my old friend, JJ Sanford, at UD if you run into him.


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      Thank you all for your notes of welcome and connection!

      Josh, I was particularly glad to see your note earlier today. I was walking this afternoon across our UD campus (which is virtually deserted right now) and ran into JJ, who was happy to receive your greeting!

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      My name is Ben Dilla, and I have a leadership coaching and training practice, BOLD Leader Development and also teach graduate business courses in the Gupta College of Business at The University of Dallas, a small, private, Catholic university in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. I’m a legacy MCORE practitioner and often use the MCODE assessment in conjunction with CliftonStrengths (previously StrengthsFinder) to bring out the motivational component that is often lacking from a listing of top strength themes. In addition to previous experience with MCORE, for several years I was part of a team teaching a story-based approach to strengths and motivations in a workshop called “Discover Your Design” at Fellowship Church in Grapevine, TX. This process helped our new members learn about God’s design for their lives and explore volunteer opportunities that matched their motivational profile.

      My top themes on MCODE are Improve, Explore, Demonstrate New Learning, and Comprehend and Express. The “continuous improvement” drive is something that wasn’t captured in my StrengthsFinder Top 5 report (although I learned years after first taking the assessment that it was reflected in my #6 theme, Maximizer). All of the themes in the Learner family of MCODE are high for me and support my drive to improve myself, other people, and processes.

      I’m an ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Board Certified Coach (BCC) through the Center for Credentialing and Education, and a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach. My recent work has focused on aligning your Strengths, Emotional Intelligence, and Resilience to be “Your Best Self at Work.” You can see more about my practice at

      I’m impressed by the backgrounds and experience of others in this community of practice, and I look forward to learning from each of you!

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