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      Hi @Kevin!  Nice to meet you!  Just this weekend, I was charged for my 2nd month of certification, which helped me realize that I just started this journey a month ago!  HA!  I jumped in fast, like it sounds like you are.  I completed my 3 sessions on Friday and plan to get everything submitted today.  I learned SO MUCH.  Watching/rewatching the videos and reading and playing with all the materials + preparing to invite people and then conduct their Impact sessions was a huge investment of time and energy, but perfect for this time in our country and our world.  I am super thankful I had something that motivated me so much!  And my clients are rarin’ to go with this and so I’m going to be pacing out the Impact sessions with my regular clients over the coming months (because it takes me a while to prepare for them and conduct them, which is fine.  I know I’ll get more agile with it as we go.)

      I am looking forward to all of us learning together through this and eventually being in a few classes together, which sounds like it’s coming soon.

      Your team will definitely benefit from this information and from your investment in them.  That’s worth a lot – always, but especially now.

      Good thoughts to you.


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      Kevin, fun for me to read your intro, and my assumption is that we have some mutual contacts in the Hudson area.  I’m looking forward to learning from you!


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      Mark Herringshaw

      Hey Kevin,

      Thrilled to have you on board. I know, from discussions we’ve already had that you are going to offer great insight into this community!

      Mark Herringshaw

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      Kevin Holmes

      My name is Kevin Holmes. I work for a small software company in Hudson, WI. I am currently pursuing the practitioner certification for MCode, while also completing my certification in 5 Voices from GiANT. I am not sure where all of this will lead long-term, but short-term I am focused on caring for the 50 or so individuals that work for our company. Even before COVID, our company made use of the 5 Voices content to improve the communication, relationships and overall effectiveness of our teams. We still depend on 5 Voices. But now that we are all working from home, and our newest hires are only known through Zoom, we recognize the deep need to connect with our people, and invest in their well being in every way we can. MCode will play a key role in this task and (at this point) it looks like I will lead the charge. My hope in all of this is simple: I want our people to know we care about them. That we are for them. I want them to grow in their understanding of themselves. I want them to be better — not merely at work, but at home and in the rest of their lives and relationships. The MCode will be a key part in helping us accomplish this goal.

      I will likely be doing my first three sessions in the next 2-3 weeks. I am nervous, but excited. Still not sure where this is all going, but I am looking forward to the journey.

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