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      Welcome Christina. Thank you for sharing your background and a snapshot of your work. Very encouraging to see how you utilize MCODE to see individuals and teams flourish.  We are glad you are here.

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      Hi Christina,

      It’s so great to meet you here and know that you have been using this work so effectively for a while.  And I love the name of your website/business/mission.  Say Yes to Holiness!  What fun!!!

      Thank you for being here.


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      Thank you, Christina!  Loved reading of your journey and looking at your site.  Looks like you lived in Wisconsin for a bit…Marquette University.  Curious if you have other roots this way.  Great to hear of your vocation and passion for ministry.  I’ll take the bait and sign up for a few things!  🙂


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      Looking forward to “seeing you around” then. As for Wisconsin, no, no other ties other than Marquette and a few friends who are stil in that area, so still a pretty big one!

      Interested about your work with the WI National Guard? My husband and I are both former military, and part of what we are doing now is helping with team building and training using the MCODE Assessment. We defintiely bring a military “perspective” to the experience, but there are ALL sorts of applications for MCODE within the military world, so if you want to brainstorm or reach out to chat more, feel free to do so. 🙂




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      Christina, I’m so intrigued by your work using MCODE / MCORE for Catholic parishes and dioceses, especially because of my own work for the USCCB. And I love your holistic approach to the human person. 🙂 Anne

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      Merry Christmas!

      Would love to chat more sometime! I am a firm believer in holistic formation, and as such am currently working to help create a repeatable, shareable process that can enable the integration of holistic formation into every aspect of parish life, so would l enjoy continuing to gather perspectives and insights.

      Please feel free to reach out directly using my email: or you can text/call me at 256-603-0225.

      All the best,

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      I am Christina Semmens, and I am an author, speaker and certified coach. I have certifications as a Spiritual mentor, Unhackable and also MCODE. I primarily work within the non-profit sector, particularly Catholic parishes and dioceses. My focus is to provide holistic formation–human, spiritual, intellectual and pastoral–to individuals and empower them to be able to do the same for others.

      In the last two years as a MCODE (was MCORE) facilitator, I have seen the power of this assessment for assisting individuals, building cohesive teams and empowering leaders, so excited to be a part of a group of people who are using MCODE!

      If you want to learn more about me and my ministry, you can go to: or check out @sayyestoholiness on Facebook

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