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      Welcome Anne, so grateful you are here. We look forward to helping you gain skills and competence in consulting and communicating with MCODE.

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      Welcome, Anne! I’m looking forward to continuing to work with you and, specifically, helping to discuss where you can best apply what you are learning in the certification.



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      Hi all, I’m new here and and excited to join this community. I was hugely impacted when I read “The Power of Uniqueness” by Arthur Miller many years ago, and have always been fascinated by personality assessments, self-awareness tools, and that sort of thing. I learned about the certification because I volunteered to be one of the three “live” cases for someone who recently went through the certification, himself (Mark McGuire).

      For quite some time, I’ve wanted to explore alternate career options, but have felt “stuck” as to what another direction might be. I had realized that something with consulting or teaching might be enjoyable, but again, didn’t know what concrete path that could take. So, when I learned about this certification, these various interests seemed to be coming together, and I’m looking forward to discovering whether this might be the beginning of a new, professional adventure.

      According to the assessment, my top three motivations are bring to completion, be central, and improve. Reading through the summaries again just now, the biggest thing that strikes me is the feeling of resonance. Not everything seems applicable for any one of them, but especially regarding some of the shadow attributes, I experienced the feeling of “You, too?” Or, in other words, it takes some of the pressure off to realize that some of what I deem to be flaws are shared by others who are similarly designed.

      Anyway, looking forward to being part of this community!

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