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      Todd, it’s an absolute pleasure to have you. We share an interest in the academic side of leadership, would be great for us to find a time for a meet and greet. Zip me an email at (Send me your report when you do if you are comfortable). I’m doing a significant load of executive and leadership coaching as well.

      To your question: Yes! 1) There is a process where you can purchase codes in advance. Use the Support ticket service here on our website and Audrey, our director of Customer Experience will be in touch.  2) We will provide you with 3 coupon codes for your pre-cert sessions so they don’t have to pay. Check your first email you received as it should be in there. If not, also mention that in the support ticket.

      Glad you are here!







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      Hello everyone!  Just completed all the cert training modules and getting ready to launch into my 3 practice impact sessions.  It’s fun to jump in here and read about the rest of you and how you came to this work.

      I was trained academically on the psychology side of leadership in both clinical psych and organizational leadership which makes the MCode really fascinating to add to the tool kit of profiles for my clients.  I ran a clinical group practice for about 12 years before launching my own private executive coaching firm for executives and business owners.  We have a very small firm with just a few main partners across the southern states and a short list of coaches on demand we pull into bigger corporate engagements.

      I love facilitating discovery of personal motivation and helping to call forth these discoveries in my clients.  Thus, this assessment seemed to nail it for me!!!  Love it and excited to sink my teeth into this a bit more.

      Question– Is there some kind of process, like with other profile certifications that allow us to purchase profiles and load them into a queue on our dashboard then send them to clients free of charge as needed?  How do we do the 3 pre-cert impact sessions?  Do we just send a link to the website and ask the clients to purchase the assessment on their own and have them send us the report when done?

      Thanks and looking forward to engaging with everyone in this process.


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