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      Hi @Kevin,

      Sorry I haven’t been in here lately and hadn’t seen your question.  I don’t have an answer, but it feels “off” to me, but I’m hardly the expert.  I would want to inquire more on this with the person.  Although it may give some indications of how they see themselves.

      Really interesting question and I look forward to hearing how you handled this and also what the others think.


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      Richa Deo

      Heyyy Kevin, I would suggest see video 4.1 WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE MCODE REPORT @ 17:10 (to see which themes emerged) and @ 18.01 (ask the client to take the test again).

      My first assessment (yesterday) was with a teenager and she felt many questions did not apply to her as her stories were not around any group activity.

      SO, in her case it took me a considerable time to figure out the right theme but as we “Connected” during the Impact session, she herself became more clearer on her motivators.

      But, I am ONE CLIENT OLD with MCODE 😛 so I am looking forward to hear what worked for you or with any other fellow practitioner in a similar situation.

      Wishing you luck.



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      Kevin Holmes

      A respondent answered “does not apply” 59% of the time on their assessment. And they never responded with 1-7.

      Should I be suspicious of these results? Can anyone think of why someone would be so reluctant to give an answer more than half the time?

      Any tips on how to proceed with this?

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