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      Hi @Cassie – and sorry I haven’t been on here for a few days so didn’t see your question 🙂

      Here’s what I send my clients ahead of time (and essentially all my clients are women) – and you’ll see that I don’t direct them at all, really.  And I think even though sometimes people have a similar story (ran a marathon, raised kids, etc.) their REASONS behind why they chose that will be different.  At least that’s what I’ve seen so far.  And of the 20+ people I’ve worked with up to this point on their Motivation Code (and probably 15 of them are mothers), only one person has said anything specifically about her children and it was a very specific aspect of raising them:

      I will be working on preparing for our Motivation Code Impact session this coming weekend. If you could send me the PDF of your full report and also a scan or photo of how you mark up the pages for Exercise #1 by Friday evening or Saturday morning, that will give me time to be ready :). I can’t wait to see what you have and for our Impact Session.

      So you have the links and coupon code handy, I’ve included that info here again so you don’t have to hunt through your emails 🙂

      a)     Visit and click on “Take the Assessment.”
      b)    Add “MCODE Personal Package” to your cart.
      c)     Click View Cart to access the payment portal.
      d)    When you get to the payment page, use code<b> </b><b>_______ (verify profit or non-profit)</b>. This will give you a 100% discount on the assessment.  If for any reason you don’t see your cart reduced to $0, let me know and I’ll find out what might have happened.
      e)     Click on Proceed to Checkout and complete the billing information and click on the Terms & Conditions box just above the Place Order tab.  Then, click on Place Order.
      f)     You will immediately be sent to the assessment.
      g)    Although an account will also be created for you so that your progress will be saved if you are interrupted, it is better if you’re able to do this all at one time so try to plan for an uninterrupted 30+ minute period (and I know that can be tricky sometimes, but do so if you can).
      h)   <b>Here are a few things to know before you take the assessment.</b> First, you will need about 30 minutes to focus on this.  And although eventually you will get into a portion of the assessment that is more like what you might have done in the past (rating statements), what’s different is that in the first section, you will write out three “achievement stories.” Your achievement stories are made up of three parts:
      1.     Name an accomplishment that gave you deep satisfaction.
      2.     Describe what you actually did.
      3.     Explain what about the achievement was particularly enjoyable to you.
      Your story doesn’t need to be particularly long, but you may write as much as you want.  When I took the assessment, it didn’t indicate on the website that I was going to write an achievement story and so I was surprised when that’s what was asked for. I wanted to give you a preview of what you’ll be asked.  There’s no need to overthink it.  I thought of my stories on the fly and feel that the ones I chose were quite revelatory of what motivates me.
      As I mentioned previously when I wrote to you, after you’ve completed your MCODE assessment, you will receive a report – called “Your Motivational Blueprint” to review.  Prior to our Impact session, please read through your Motivational Blueprint, complete Exercise 1 & 2, and then send me your Blueprint along with the information from Exercise 1 & 2.  You may simply send the PDF of the Blueprint and then scan Exercise 1 & 2 or take a picture of it and send that separately, just so I have it. Whatever is easiest for you.

      We will use Zoom for our appointment and I will record our session for you so that you have it to review.  We’ll cover a lot during the time we’re together and this way, you don’t have to take a lot of notes because you’ll have the recording to refer to.
      Please let me know if you have any questions.
      Meggin McIntosh, PhD (she, her, hers)
      The PhD of Productivity®
      Emphasis on Excellence, Inc.
      Reno, NV

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      I was wondering how much, if any, guidance you give on what stories to use for the assessment?

      I’ve found that many women like to choose “I raised great kids” which, while true, it completely different than their 2 other stories. In the end there is something that shows up in their top 5 that is a more of a one-time experience than a theme.

      I want to say, “don’t pick raising your kids” but I also don’t want to minimize that experience.

      What guidance do you give about choosing stories?


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