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      Hey, B Dub!

      SO love how you express your motivations as Trigger, Process and Outcome. Mine would be:

      Trigger: Meet the Challenge

      Process: Explore

      Outcome: Serve

      I only have three as I have been a MCORE Facilitator for almost two years now, having had the privilege of getting to know Dr Joshua Miller in the process, and have integrated my top 3 into my mission statement of “I love to serve as I explore and meet challenges.”

      Look forward to working alongside you in this community as we go about sharing this phenomenal message and work, and empower millions to become their true selves, live lives of purpose, peace and abundance and be those saints God created us to be!

      All the best,


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      Thanks Christina. I like the simplicity of your mission statement. Having an explore motivation strong is so much fun; our curiosity takes us on great adventures.

      Grateful for your partnership in MCODE.

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      Thank you, Brian!

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      Mark Herringshaw


      Yep, that’s you to a “T” my brother!

      Mark Herringshaw

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      Richa Deo

      B Dub ๐Ÿ™‚ First and foremost, THANKS for such detailed and well explained course tutorials. Since I have joined (10 days back) , I have gone through the tutorials thrice already ๐Ÿ™‚

      Marine Corps and so much more, your profile is VERY impressive and I am not surprise to read your Trigger is “Experience the Ideal” ๐Ÿ™‚ After reading your well drafted intro I feel I should go back and edit mine ๐Ÿ˜›

      Here’s me in one line: Waking up every morning to experience as much as I can for one purpose: to Transform.

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      So good to meet you. I’m Brian Williamson. (My friends quickly call me B Dub and you are free to do so)

      Background Stuff:ย  Grew up in New Jersey. Mom’s maiden name is Campanozzi so I had an amazing extended Italian family including an Uncle Veto! Had a jazz scholarship to college, but refused to discipline my talent and majored in fraternity instead. So I decided to join the Marine Corps and well…that changed. Honored to have served our country.

      Career Stuff: My career arch has been 20 years leading in the non-profit space in roles from senior director to founder. Leadership coaching + consulting found me during that time and I was hooked! Decided to go knock out a PhD in organizational leadership which I loved. I was a senior partner with a global leadership consultancy before being asked to step into my current role of CEO of Pruvio. I am incredibly honored and grateful for the team, organization, and opportunity we have to unlock the power of unique motivations so people can thrive and exceed performance expectations.

      Family Stuff: Married to my wife Bethany for 24 years, 4 Children: Abby (22, in sales and working on her HR degree) , Micah (19, the nerd, currently a freshman at the University of Michigan), Connor (17, the sports guy), Olivia (11, adopted from South Korea, loves animals and fruit).

      Fun Stuff: Movies, UFC, Pittsburgh Penguins, and the Green Bay Packers.

      Motivational Flow:ย 

      Trigger: Experience the Ideal

      Process: Explore-Comprehend + Express-Excel

      Outcome: Establish

      I’m a serial visionary who is wired to help you be the best and build the best. I love coaching people, consulting, and developing and implementing systems.

      Can’t wait to see how you leverage MCODE in your world. Here to help you.

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