Hello Meggin,

This is Gordon Tan from Singapore. Sorry for not responding earlier and I would love to hear from your experiences. I have been a working in the banking industry in the past 32 years till the end of 2016. After which, I took a Masters in Counselling because I was helping out at my church’s counselling service since 2007. In the course of working on my Masters, I first stumbled onto the Gallup CliftonStrengthFinder. It was power but later, I discovered Pruvio’s Motivation Code and it was the perfect complement for CliftonStrength. It helped me start off on my journey in coching. So I have only been doing this for a short while – since the beginning of 2020.

As part of my “retirement” activity, I volunteer with a group that helps out penultimate year university students as well as fresh graduates who just joined the working world. Our aim is to help these young people transit into the workplace. At the same time, we hope to influence them with ethical and ‘doing good’ mindsets. So I would be very interested on some of your thoughts about how to help students when they join the workforce.

Best Regards,