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I received my certification as an MCODE Practitioner December 5th, the date of my renewal for the next year. Glad to be a part of the MCODE team! I did my 3 assessments for my certification as well as invited a friend who is a professional calling and career coach to “assess the assessment” for me. He has done 100’s if not thousands of assessments in his time (Meyers-Briggs, Strengths-Finder and others) and offered some insights for me about the process. He suggested that it would be great if everything could be completed in the exercises digitally, as opposed to having to 1) print out the report 2) locate 3 different colored highlighters – even having to go out and buy them; 3) fill out the forms by hand, and 4) scan them back in for the MCODE coach and 5) email them back to the coach. If they were in an editable pdf that could even be highlighted in color it would remove most of those extra steps. Am I missing something here? He recommended a Mac application called “PDF Expert” that would allow recipients to do that, although it’s $10 and I’m not sure that clients would have that capacity. I found such an app in the App Store but it was $79, so not sure about the $10 option. But he made the point that a lot of his current clients are millennial who may even be completing his exercises on their smart phones, so some of those extra steps would be totally impractical for them. Good input. He also offered a “self-assessment” template for me to use that allows clients to intuitively rank their motivational themes and then compare it to the assessment itself. I have a model of that which I’ve developed that I’d be happy to share for evaluation. I took it and found the results very consistent with what my MCODE revealed. However two of my original MCORE themes didn’t make the cut in my MCODE Assessment and I’m curious as to why not. My friend also promised to direct some clients to me and already has sent two! So there is great power in networking. Richard Bergstrom