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Hi @Andrea,

I see your question, too, and I would say to reach out on the Support Desk and submit a ticket to ask for the information about getting a code to give your 3 assessments as part of the certification.  They’ll send you something but you need to ask for it.  I didn’t realize it was free and was going to pay for it for my practice people but found out there was a code.

And afterwards, at least what I’ve done, is I’ve bought a bunch of codes and am giving them to my clients to take the assessment and then we schedule an Impact Session (I’m having to manage that carefully because of the time involved).  There’s no discount for buying codes until you get to a bigger number than I’ll ever be purchasing.  So it’s $39 for non-profit clients and $49 for everyone else.  I figure I’ll buy 10 at a time so I don’t get too far ahead but also where I’m not bothering them every day or two for a new code 🙂