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Hi @Kevin and @Andrea,

Sorry I haven’t been in the group this week! I completed my certification only 3 weeks ago so I’m a newbie, also!!!

Truthfully, your question was exactly my question! Here are some things I tried to do to help me figure out more and also to keep learning all the different themes.

1. I printed out all the info about the codes that we get in the resource portal so that I would have that. Whenever I get someone’s report, I pull the 5 top themes and read them over and over! I also read that section in the book. I am trying to immerse myself in the information.

Oh, and I definitely had the person sent me Exercise #1 also – because that has helped me hone in some.

2. I use that document that we got called “Motivational Flow Worksheet” and fill it out – and have felt quite a bit like I was almost making wild guesses. Not really wild guesses but I sure didn’t have any confidence in it.

3. I modified the wording from the Practitioner Workbook to give me a questionnaire/guideline for the flow of the Impact Session and I’ve used that each time. It gives me some confidence.

4. I finally talked myself off the ledge of “OMG. I DON’T KNOW WHAT THEIR MOTIVATIONAL FLOW IS!!!” by telling myself that the client didn’t know I was supposed to know that either! HA! So they weren’t looking for me to have that answer!!!

With both of the first 2 practice sessions, I explained what Trigger, Process, Outcome are and had them identify along with me what they thought it was. The first person I knew because she is actually a coaching client and I got in the ballpark with her (before we met) but the second client I didn’t know at all and so we really worked on it together even though I had some inklings. The third person, I was getting a tiny bit better (and I had a little script I created/modified) that also helped me. I can share whatever I have if it would be helpful.

I had my fourth Impact Session this past week and it was the first person since I’ve been certified. Although I had her reflect on what she thought her TPO were, I had already written out what I thought (using my little script to prompt me). We were a complete match and I think that’s for a lot of reasons. She is very self-aware, for one thing. But I also think I’m getting a little bit better at this. I have my next one this week and I am working on it today. It takes me a long time to prepare for these, but that’s OK. I’m learning so much – and these are my real clients now and we will be able to keep going together.

Hope this helps some and I’ll try to stay in the action this week and going forward. There was no one in the Exchange when I started and it was lonely! HA!