Hi @Kevin!  Nice to meet you!  Just this weekend, I was charged for my 2nd month of certification, which helped me realize that I just started this journey a month ago!  HA!  I jumped in fast, like it sounds like you are.  I completed my 3 sessions on Friday and plan to get everything submitted today.  I learned SO MUCH.  Watching/rewatching the videos and reading and playing with all the materials + preparing to invite people and then conduct their Impact sessions was a huge investment of time and energy, but perfect for this time in our country and our world.  I am super thankful I had something that motivated me so much!  And my clients are rarin’ to go with this and so I’m going to be pacing out the Impact sessions with my regular clients over the coming months (because it takes me a while to prepare for them and conduct them, which is fine.  I know I’ll get more agile with it as we go.)

I am looking forward to all of us learning together through this and eventually being in a few classes together, which sounds like it’s coming soon.

Your team will definitely benefit from this information and from your investment in them.  That’s worth a lot – always, but especially now.

Good thoughts to you.